Return to healing with UrgoStart PLUS

Tuesday 13th April 2021

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The reality of COVID-19 / Let’s Return to Healing

This event highlighted the impact of COVID-19 and how healthcare professionals, patients and health services have changed in the last year. This has included a deterioration in wounds and a negative impact on healing rates; the greater burden of unhealed wounds causing a great impact on both patients and HCPs.

The panel discussed how the importance of returning patients to healing has never been greater, and how we can do this while minimising risk and maximising outcomes with effective, simple, reliable healing solutions.

Our expert panel went on to demonstrate the importance of the three steps to Return to Healing:


healing sooner


battling infection


appropriate compression

Presented by:

Jacqui Fletcher

Jacqui Fletcher OBE

Our key speaker for this event was Jacqui Fletcher OBE. Jacqui is a Senior Clinical Nurse Advisor, Stop the Pressure Programme NHS England NHS Improvement.

Jacqui was joined by Lorraine Grothier (who chaired the webinar) along with colleagues from the Urgo Medical commercial and clinical teams.

Mark Rigby, Head of Market Access, Urgo Medical

Mark went through the practical benefits of using UrgoStart Plus, He focussed on recommendations received by from clinicians around the UK and by NICE for treating venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.

Elizabeth Merlin-Kwan, Senior Clinical Specialist, Urgo Medical & Stephen, Diabetes Foot Specialist, Urgo Medical

Elizabeth and Stephen shared two leg ulcer and diabetic foot ulcer case studies to demonstrate the efficacy of UrgoStart Plus and how it can lead to healing even sooner in real life.