Return to healing with UrgoClean Ag

Tuesday 18th May 2021

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Return to Healing by effectively fighting infected wounds.

Jeanette Milne (Lead Nurse for community services and Chief Matron Community at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust) and Laura Hembling (Podiatry Team leader with Clinical Specialism in Wound Care, Provide CIC) will look at why infected wounds need a combined antimicrobial and cleaning action in order to heal more quickly.

Presented by:

Jacqui Fletcher

Laura Hembling

My Name is Laura Hembling and I am currently the Podiatry team leader with clinical specialism in wound care for Provide CIC, in the Mid-Essex region. I have worked with the team since I graduated nearly 8 years ago, where I have developed a passion for treating and preventing foot ulcerations, for both patients with and without Diabetes. I am also the lead for my team on dressings and ensuring our formularies are cost effective and follow the best evidence available to help us deliver the best possible care for our patients.

Jeanette Milne

Jeanette is a Lead Nurse for Community Services and Chief Matron Community at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Jeanette will be taking us through the signs and symptoms of wound infection, and the role biofilm plays in creating a barrier for infection management and healing

Jacqui Fletcher